Archiving Text Messages – SMS Archiving Strengthens Your Organization

Organizations are already archiving emails, but what about text messages? SMS messages are becoming an increasingly important part of business communications as part of the digital transformation, and with good reasons. Text messaging is accessible, has a low barrier to entry (it’s something we’re all already doing), and promotes fast two-way exchanges that facilitate accelerated […]

How Call Recording of Employees’ Cell Phones Can Boost your Business

Businesses far and wide rely on data to grow; this is not news. However, the ways and means that data is collected, analyzed, and put into action are what really matters in our data-flooded marketplace. Company call recording of employees’ mobile and landline exchanges with customers is one of the best ways to use data and information […]

The key to Customer Retention and Increased Upselling – B2B and B2C

Relationship between customers and businesses starts and ends with Reachability. Once the sale is made, the next obvious challenge is to retain the customer and maximize the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) – for the subscription length, the reputation, the potential likelihood of upselling, for the reviews, etc. Businesses need to take care of that customer […]

Are you really making the best-informed decisions? Or….. (Part 2 of 2)

make informed decisions

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that more and more business communications are taking place using cellphones over the cellular network and therefore remain unrecorded and undocumented by the organization’s systems. For this valuable business data to become a resource for your decision-making processes, a new type of solution is necessary that will give […]

How to listen to the silent voice of your customers

Mobile Call Recording for Call Centers

Did you know that the majority of business calls between your organization and the outside world are now mobile-based? Just think about your employees in the field (your “road warriors”), who spend a lot of time on the road, at airports, in hotels, etc. Recent estimates are that they spend up to 60% of their […]