Turn Blind Spots Into Business Insight!
Capture and integrate cellular communications with enterprise call recording, CRM, AI-based BI, and other systems
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"Most business calls now are over cell phones, but CRM and recording systems collect only landline and VOIP data..."
Slay the Blind Spot Monster - Log and record sales, support and service cell phone calls - Voice, Text, WhatsApp - without compromising on Privacy
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The painless and cost-effective solution ensuring that every business call, anywhere, at any time is automatically logged into the CRM system. Employees business mobile calls – at the office, at home or traveling – are seamlessly captured and transferred to the CRM and call recording systems. Automatically record, track, document and integrate mobile calls, SMS records, and other forms of business-critical mobile communications without infringing on the privacy of employees’ personal mobile devices!
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Upscale the engagement of your customer-facing teams

Eliminate Legal Disputes

Mobile calls recording

CRM Adoption

Empowering sales management and operations

Remove Conversation Gaps

Call recording, transcripts and analytics

Ensure Compliance

Mobile calls recording

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile calls recording

Lift International Barriers

Local access numbers

Enable Virtual Office

Global PBX-like cellular routing

Empower Customer Facing Employees

Better Training and Tracking

Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need for extra handset

BYOD - Do it the right way

One device – Multiple business profiles

Enable your employees to use their mobile devices for work interactions, while respecting the privacy of their private interactions. Log only business calls and text messages.

Capture mobile calls

Do you need world-wide coverage for your business?

If you are a global company with employees located in different countries, this solution covers all your employees wherever they are located or traveling to. It is global and not bound to a specific local network provider.

Control your business

Are all your business calls logged into your CRM system?

What about the business calls to/from your employees mobile phones?
Mobile2CRM automatically logs mobile calls and SMS’s into the CRM without employee’s intervention. You can view who called, call’s time and duration, call’s location and more. You can even review SMS content and listen to call  recordings.

Regulatory Compliance

Do you record mobile calls  and need to comply with MiFID?

MiFID II requires to record mobile calls and messages between employees and customers.
Mobile2CRM can help to record calls made from employees’ mobile devices.

Learn how we help different industries


As the financial sector reliance on mobile communication increases, there is no need to compromise on features and compliance. Mobile2CRM allows financial organizations to provide their employees with a separate cellular business Mobile Identifier, and enable them to continue using their existing mobile SIM from any operator, with the added call recording and text communications logging functionality - and full regulatory compliance. Thus, bankers can become more reachable, responsive and flexible using their mobile devices for all transactions. The bank owns and retains the end-customer contact point, while being compliant with voice and text recording regulations.
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As public sector organizations are faced with the need to do more with less, many seek ways to reduce their costs and increase efficiency while not compromising on service level. This is one of the changes that led to the BYOD trend (Bring Your Own Device – where employees continue to use their own device with their own SIM). With Mobile2CRM, employees can get an additional work mobile number – a lower cost, fully featured Mobile Identifier on their own device, regardless of which operator they work with, and get only their work-related cellular communications recorded.
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As organizations aim to keep their customers engaged, it becomes crucial for them to ensure that customers can always reach a contact point within the organization or company, even when employees have moved on. Own the relationship. With Mobile2CRM, the Mobile Identifier remains with the company or the organization, even if the salesperson or support person is no longer with the company. As call recording becomes a requirement, Mobile2CRM’s mobile call recording provides a record of ALL voice calls and text communications (incoming and outgoing, roaming or not). This increases comfort level and service quality, and dramatically reduces disputes.
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In a world where mobile communications are an integral part of business transactions, businessmen need to rely on their cellular phones. Their mobile number has become their Mobile Identifier, and they need multiple such numbers that are local to their global customers. With Mobile2CRM, multiple such personas are integrated within the single, current private device, and seamlessly operate together - on the same device. With Mobile2CRM, the business mobile numbers are kept separate from the personal private line on the same device. Full privacy is protected. Mobile2CRM also enables to completely separate business call history and call recording from private ones.
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The missing cellular channel

You have already included the email, landline, Facebook, chats channels in your Omni-Channel system. Make sure that the mobile channel is also there. Use Mobile2CRM to include this important channel as part of your Omni-Channel system.

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