Mobile2CRM is based on a robust distributed cloud platform, reflecting decades of R&D investment. This advanced platform, composed of numerous unique engines, brings Mobile2CRM’s mobile communications recording and data services to its customers, ensuring reliability, redundancy and quality.
In addition to its functional engine modules, Mobile2CRM provides a comprehensive API which allows organizations and operators to easily integrate and enjoy Mobile2CRM advanced mobile services.

Mobile2CRM integrates with leading CRMs (e.g., Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Creatio, etc.), as well as with call recording and archiving providers like NICE, Verint, Avaya, CIS, Cognia (Smarsh), Audiocodes, SmartTap, SAP Contact Center, Broadsoft, Radius servers and other systems.

Here’s the secret sauce –

How does Mobile2CRM work ?

Mobile2CRM is a cloud-based service. Upon company registration to Mobile2CRM, it gets a new mobile business profile per each employee.

After being assigned a new business profile, each employee downloads the Mobile2CRM application to his mobile device and starts using reliable cellular (Not VOIP) voice and messaging for work-related interactions.

Using the business profiles

Employees with assigned business profiles, download the Mobile2CRM mobile application from either Google PlayStore,  or Apple AppStore, or via the company’s MDM system. Once installed, they can start using their new real business mobile number with full functionality. The service is cellular service, and is not based on VOIP. It enables incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing SMS, and optionally an IM business profile (for example, additional WhatsApp business profile).

Managing business numbers

The Mobile2CRM application service includes a management system enabling companies to manage the assigned business profiles. They assign features, capabilities, authorizations and numbers to employees, review the assigned profiles and their activities, de-assign and re-assign profiles.

Inbound and Outbound calls

When an employee receives a business call/text message to his mobile phone, the call is marked. This way the call is identified as an inbound business call.
When the employee performs a business call, he uses the Mobile2CRM application. This way, the call is identified as an outbound business call.
Only calls that are performed to/from the business profile are logged in the CRM system. Other private calls to the regular private SIM number are not logged. Mobile2CRM does not have the capability nor the need to capture private calls whatsoever.

CRM Integration

During the setup of Mobile2CRM, it is integrated with the organization’s CRM system. As a result, each assigned business profile is automatically registered into the CRM system. When this business profile is used, Mobile2CRM automatically captures the call/SMS, transfers the meta data (time and date, calling/called number, and additional optional parameters like call location, call quality, etc.) to the CRM. In addition, the call’s recording and SMS content are available in the CRM system. All information is attached to the relevant customer’s record and associated with the relevant employee. As a result, all employees’ mobile activities (regarding voice calls, SMS, metadata and optionally IM) are recorded as part of the customer journey automatically. Reports like unanswered incoming calls (which may be potential leads) and mobile usage are immediately available for employees and their managers under the business number. This information is essential in order to efficiently manage new leads, manage existing customers, and improve the quality of service. Enhanced capabilities such as analytics, BI and AI may be applied in order to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Manage company-owned mobile devices

If your company owns mobile devices that are used by your employees,  you can fully manage, document and record their activities with Mobile2CRM.
In this case, all calls and text messages on such devices, including both  business and private calls and text messages (using your existing mobile number) are recorded and documented in the CRM. Contact us for additional details.

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