Add Call Recording, CRM Integration and more, to your Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the basic telephony infrastructure of many organizations, but many businesses and companies require more sophisticated communications and collaboration functionality. CRM Integration, call recording, analytics enablement and the ability to retire the PBX and desktop phones are just a few examples. Here’s what you get when you add Mobile2Teams™ to your Microsoft Teams infrastructure:
Key Features
Microsoft Teams
With Mobile2Teams™
CRM integration – capturing cellular voice, text (SMS) and WhatsApp communications to your CRM of choice
Call Recording – Voice, text and WhatsApp communications
Transcription – Teams and cellular voice call transcription
Click to Call – Business calling and texting from your selected CRM mobile apps via our mobile SDK
Intelligence – Integration with Call analytics systems
Cellular Calling – Cellular mobile calling using the TEAMS number
One Business Number scheme for employees: Mobile (cellular), Teams (Desktop) and Desktop phones
Extra numbers – Multiple numbers per user
Number porting – keep the same geographical numbers wherever you are
Key Features
Microsoft Teams
With Mobile2Teams™
CRM integration
Call Recording
Click to Call
Cellular Calling
One Business Number
Extra numbers
Number porting

Mobile2CRM closes the gap

CRM integration, recording of business communications (e.g., landline and cellular voice, SMS), and enablement of call analytics are critical capabilities and features for any platform aiming to be the very fabric of organizational communication and collaboration. 

Mobile2CRM closes the gap and enables Microsoft Teams to become a better, more comprehensive collaboration platform. All business communication forms – voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp – will now appear under the customer CRM entry.

Are you the CIO? Head of MIS?

Or “just” an overworked IT manager? Did you know that Microsoft Teams provides desktops and Microsoft Teams phone using VOIP technology?  If you are a CIO, there’s one thing you absolutely don’t need – VoIP communications-related complaints by remote workers!  We solve this problem with a cellular-native solution using the same cell phone number as Teams.


Last but not least, Mobile2CRM enables capturing business only cellular calls and SMS without violating user privacy – personal cellular communication is off-limits and employees’ personal privacy is respected