Private and public organizations from diverse industries are gaining operational and competitive edge using Mobile2CRM technology, vision and global presence in addressing their unique business challenges.

mobile banking

Financial services

Financial services staff is heavily using mobile devices for interactions with customers. The adoption of BYOD increased  the amount of interactions with customers through this channel.  Financial services must include those interactions in their CRM as they contain information that is vital for their business. 
Logging and recording mobile calls and messages allow them to meet  regulations, while improving employees’ productivity. It also improves dispute resolutions, training capabilities, and upgrades the quality of their salespeople.
With the introduction of MiFID 2 regulations, companies need to record conversations and text messages that are intended to end with a trade. Mobile2CRM seamlessly logs and records such conversations into the CRM, helping companies to comply with the MiFID regulations.


Healthcare Administration

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are using their mobile phones in order to interact with patients and colleagues. The ability to log and record those interactions is beneficial to healthcare companies as well as insurance companies. Analyzing the interactions improves the quality of service they provide. Recording the interactions is useful for dispute resolutions and assists insurance companies in resolving different claims.


Delivery and Transportation

Delivery and transportation customer-facing staff is on the road using their mobile phones to coordinate arrival times and dates with customers. It is important for the delivery companies to track the interactions with customers to improve their working processes. With Mobile2CRM, the interactions are automatically logged into the CRM and recording systems, and companies can get insights into their  actual delivery processes and ensure that their field staff is following their policies. By doing so, they avoid making costly mistakes and improve their ‘failed to deliver’ case tracking and quality of service.

security officer

Homeland Security

Security people manage disaster and crime events in the field. While in the field, they use their mobile devices to interact with citizens and colleagues. These interactions contain valuable and even life-saving information. They make real-time decisions based on this information. With Mobile2CRM, this information is seamlessly logged into  the CRM system, making it accessible to other involved parties, and thus, improving real-time decision making. Furthermore, it can be used for lessons learned processes in order to improve future events handling.