How to automatically log and record employees' mobile business calls to your CRM

Mobile2CRM enables companies to log and record mobile calls and text messages from employees’ mobile devices to the company’s CRM and recording systems. Companies assign business profiles to employees’ mobile devices. All the inbound and outbound calls and messages performed to/from the business profiles are automatically logged and recorded  into the organizational CRM and/or recording system.

How to extend the business data in your CRM and Call Recording Systems

Which is your choice of CRM and call recording system?

Mobile2CRM integrates with the leading CRM and recording systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, HubSpot, Pipedrive and many others, as well as recording systems from NICE, Audiocodes, Verint etc. The calls and text messages (SMS) of your employees’ business profiles are all captured and logged into your CRM system.

For example, if you are using Salesforce, just register to get Mobile2CRM from the Salesforce appexchange link below, and you’re all set.

How to improve the business data in your CRM

Mobile2CRM logs both meta-data and content of calls and text messages. Meta data includes the call’s date and time, length of call, indication if call was answered, the calling/called number and more. It also captures any IM system used by the organization, like Slack and others.
The content of the call is also captured and saved (mobile voice recording). Since Mobile2CRM is integrated with the CRM system, this data is indexed under the specific employee, and specific customer record, customer opportunity etc. The mobile calls and text messages become an additional channel that is added to the CRM (additional to landline calls, emails, etc.)

How to generate smart insights from recorded calls

Once the mobile calls and text messages are captured, you can use them to enrich your insights about your business. You can add them to your voice recording systems for further analysis, you can use voice to text tools to better analyze the calls content , and  improve your sales and customer support teams performance based on new voice analytics and voice recognition technologies. Mobile2CRM platform also integrates with multiple voice recording systems, analytic systems, and archive systems.

Ensure that every single call or text message is logged. Nothing is lost.

With Mobile2CRM the mobile calls and text messages are automatically captured and logged into the CRM, without the need of the employee to perform any action. Employees should not spend valuable time on logging call information into the CRM. The logged information is always up to date since the logging is done immediately when the call or text message is issued. Employee may add notes and comments to the already existing call log and recording.

One device - multiple profiles

Learn about the benefits of assigning business profiles to employees

Mobile2CRM enables to assign multiple profiles on the same mobile device, without changing any SIM card. Employees can use their personal devices, and perform their business activities  through the business profiles. This provides a complete distinction between personal activities and business activities.
Only activities that are performed through the business profiles are logged to the CRM and the recording system. All personal activities that are performed through the personal profileremain private and the company has no access to those activities.

Control and management

Companies can simply  assign business profiles to employees’ mobile devices. Those profiles operate together with the SIM number on the same device. Only calls and text messages performed to/from the business profiles are logged into to CRM enabling companies to review and analyze their content. Companies can decide which business profiles and numbers are assigned to which employees. They can add and remove business profiles and can re-assign profiles between employees, and activate features like Out Of Office in relevant cases.

How to distinguish between private calls and business calls

Many employees are using their mobile devices for both business and private purposes. They are either using their private devices or company provided devices. This presents a privacy challenge to companies who want to track business interactions made from employees’ devices. They are unable to distinguish between business calls and private calls. Therefore, they cannot get important insights regarding their employees’ business interactions. Private calls and text messages should not be documented in company’s systems like CRM or voice recording systems.
In such cases, Mobile2CRM enables companies to differentiate private and business interactions by using business profiles assigned to the employees’ phone devices. This way only calls and SMS to and from business profiles are tracked, while employees’ privacy is kept.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support - avoid the risk of losing your customers

Many companies are adopting BYOD where employees can use their personal phone devices for business purposes. This way, the company’s customers contact details are stored in the employee’s phone device and in many cases the company has no access to those contact details. Employees give their business cards and send their email signatures to customers, which save them for future interactions. This presents companies with the risk of losing contact with their customers, as employees’ private phone numbers remain with them when leaving the company. In worst cases, employees may move to competing companies and take the customers with them as customers are keeping their phone numbers as contacts. If an employee leaves the company, the contact details remain with the employee and not with the company.
With Mobile2CRM‘s business profiles, all the contacts are saved under the business numbers and not the private numbers. Therefore, the contacts belong to the company and not to the employee. When an employee leaves the company, the business profile and number are de-assigned from his device and reassigned to a replacing employee. All future customer calls to the business number will ring at the company and not in the phone of the former employee.

How to Run effective marketing and sales campaigns

Companies often run click-to-call marketing campaigns, where the customer is invited to call the company in order to purchase a product. The conversion rates of such campaigns are relatively high. In order to measure the results of such campaigns and in order not to miss any customer call, Mobile2CRM enables companies to assign a business number per campaign per sales employee. All the calls to/from this number are logged in the CRM under the campaign’s name and employee. This way it is possible to measure the campaign results: the number of interested customers, the number of conversions per sales representative, the campaign’s revenue and more.
Sales teams can perform sales through their mobile phones anywhere and anytime. They can identify and return missed calls from interested customers and maximize the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Capture mobile calls globally

Global service

Mobile2CRM service perfectly fits global companies with worldwide branches. Wherever your employees are located and travel, their business mobile calls and text messages can be captured and logged into the company’s CRM system. 
Mobile2CRM is not bound to any specific location or specific network provider and provides worldwide coverage.

Supports all device types and OS

Whatever mobile device your employees are using is supported by Mobile2CRM.
Both Android and iOS are supported.