Call Recording

Call Recording

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Mobile voice, SMS, media recording

In today’s world, rarely do we encounter a business transaction that does not involve mobile communication (voice call, text and other media – e.g., Whatsapp). The financial regulators have been the first to launch rapid regulatory expansion to record these communications and conversations, and other sectors are following the trend.
This has been generating a true pain for corporates and other organizations, who now need a global, effective, and flexible solution for their mobile recording – while also ensuring that the privacy of their employees is not infringed.

They need a solution that seamlessly integrates into their work procedures and existing IT service and call recording providers (such as Nice and Verint). They need a solution that complies with the evolving mobile call recording regulations and can guarantee ALL mobile voice and text calls are recorded and archived.

That solution is Mobile2CRM.

Mobile2CRM extends the reach of Mobile Call Recording solutions to any remote global location.

As mobile call recording EU legislation becomes a regulatory must, and MiFID II compliance is enforced as of this coming year – European financial organizations are the first to actively seek a fully compliant one-stop solution, but are definitely followed closely by other industries as well. Most available solutions are adequate only for EU local mobile operation. These fall short of a full solution for branches and employees located outside of Europe and all around the globe.
Call recording on a global scope is complex, expensive and requires both technological expertise and business knowhow and experience. Mobile2CRM has been investing its resources over the past decade doing just that, and has a successful field proven solution deployed with hundreds of pleased customers worldwide.
Mobile2CRM is optimally positioned to support its partners with extended global Mobile Call Recording capabilities, enabling them to provide true global coverage for mobile recording (voice and text) to their long tail – i.e., end customers with presence in countries where mobile recording solutions are ineffective.

They need Mobile2CRM.

Fully compliant with mobile call recording regulations

Guaranteed mobile recording of All calls anywhere, incoming and outgoing, even when roaming

Integrated with other corporate platforms

Easy to deploy and manage changes

Dispute resolution (record & report)