iPhone Call Recording

iPhone Call Recording

Can your Employees and Contractors Record Business Calls Using iPhones?

The short answer is sadly no. That is, unless you’re willing to engage in cumbersome and often decidedly strange workarounds, that certainly do not qualify as a viable business solution.

Let’s take a closer look. While on-handset call recording apps do exist in the Android world, the available apps on the Appstore all suffer from the same drawbacks:

  • Some involve putting the other party on speaker and using the phone recorder to record the call (not really a solution of course)
  • Others involve calling a recording service and then calling the business party and merging the calls (and what would you do for incoming – ask the caller to wait while conferencing a recording service? Again – not really a solution)
  • And then there are the apps that are VoIP-based that allow this, but suffer from quality and coverage issues, and are not cellular network-grade business solutions
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iPhone call recording for business

Luckily, Mobile2CRM allows you to finally capture, record and transcribe iPhone business calls and texts – incoming and outgoing – into your CRM, analytics, and other systems.

Read more about all the benefits in this Whitepaper:

  • Ensure compliance, fix broken sales cycles and reduce disputes
  • Additional business line on the same handset
  • Record business line only, enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve performance of field staff – sales, delivery, technicians and support

Using Mobile2CRM, you can add additional business profiles on employees’ iPhone and Android handsets – each with a dedicated cellular number – no additional SIM needed!

You get:

  • Enterprise-grade, cellular-native solution (not VoIP or internet based)  
  • Recording of text, voice, and even Whatsapp and other chat apps
  • The business profile belongs to the organization – even when employees leave
  • Reports on iPhone business usage, intelligent call routing, and more…
  • Managed Business line hours of operation
  • and much more…

The perfect addition to any business employing ten or more salespersons, account managers, field staff, etc., requiring additional lines for business on their iPhones and Androids