Better Operations Management and Control

“Our business dictates that personnel are dispersed throughout many locations and are frequently in the field and on the move.
Keeping tabs and closely tracking operations is critical, but impossible now without efficient, cost effective and privacy compliant cellular communications.
Our requirements have been fully met with Mobile2CRM.”

The Customer

Security and investigations firm


High employee attrition resulted in un-manageable cellular numbers and handsets inventory, causing excessive MDM workload.
In addition, tracking and recording employee / client cellular calls is impossible – due to technical as well as for privacy issues.


Moble2CRM enabled keeping the cellphone line number with the company, and easily allocating it to another employee. An auto-call-recording service was added, and security staff / client cellular calls are now logged and recorded.
Another interesting addition by Mobile2CRM was advanced analytics, including transcribing, word spotting, customer satisfaction auto-generated reports and more

Outcome and benefits:

Immediate operations cost reduction – employees can use their own cellphones, and corporate lines can be easily added or removed. MDM overhead became marginal, and there’s no need to purchase cellphones anymore.
Call recording increased service quality by enabling better staff training. It also improved customer satisfaction by lowering dispute rate and enabling faster dispute resolution.