Separate Number for Business

Separate Number for Business

The personal number is a direct link between your staff and the customer.

Most businesses fully accept by now that some of their employees need to be reachable to customers and prospects on cell phones. In fact, it is safe to assume that most employees in the U.S. use their personal cell phones for work, with the majority even giving out personal cell phone numbers to prospects, clients and customers. The trend started a long time ago but accelerated dramatically since Covid-19.

It’s efficient, it’s productive, it’s convenient, but doing it correctly and cost effectively wasn’t completely straightforward.  Until now.

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Technically this direct link can be implemented in several ways – some of them cumbersome, others plainly archaic. Let’s take a closer look:

Another handset

There’s the “good old way” to do it – just give employees a corporate handset, and that’s it, right? But then they’ll have to carry two phones at all times, you’ll have to buy them that second handset, manage it for them etc. – so 1990’s…


Another SIM card

Then, there’s the “cute” way to go about it – by giving employees an extra SIM card to insert into their private cell phones.  But what if the carrier doesn’t provide a dual SIM?  Or if the handset allows only one of the SIMs to be online at any given moment? Or if the employee’s BYOD phone does not have a second SIM slot (hint – a lot don’t)? so this solution is not so great either…

Voice over internet (VoIP)

And then you might correctly come up with a great idea – why not use a VoIP app, and make and receive calls over mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection?  It actually works nicely – provided that there’s a dependable, reliable internet connection or mobile data coverage over the cellular network. Alas, this is not always so, especially when your employees are on the road driving, out of town, or simply in a busy air terminal or a packed Starbucks branch where everyone is using the same internet connection…

Enter Mobile2CRM!

Separate Number for Business

Enter Mobile2CRM! lately there is an ingenious way to give your employees and field staff the convenience, flexibility and ease of use they deserve, for the good of the whole business.  Now you can finally get those additional business lines on employees’ cell phones:

  • No additional SIM cards
  • Implement BYOD – iPhone and Android handsets – no need to purchase additional handsets
  • A cellular-native solution (not VoIP or internet based)!

You can add that needed extra business profile on employees’ handsets – with a dedicated cellular number, with cellular network native voice quality and reliability your customers and employees deserve.

There are some great bonuses with this solution:

  • Reduce costs (no additional handsets)
  • Multiple phone lines on same handset – at all times
  • Business profile belongs to the organization – even when employees leave
  • Reports on business usage
  • Controlled operational hours of business line
  • You can finally record and transcribe cellular business (only) calls and texts!
  • Separate number for business on employees’ cell phones – on any phone


The perfect addition to any business employing ten or more salespersons, account managers, field staff, etc., requiring additional lines for business on their iPhones and Androids.