One Handset for Everything!

Multiple numbers, separation of private and business communications (voice, text, etc.), business call recording and more – here’s the perfect, cost effective, legal, and easy way to capture, log and record employeesw cellular business calls, without infringing on their privacy. 

Our customers report up to 30% increase in closure rates, improved service quality and reputation, and dramatically fewer disputes.

See how in our new four-minute explainer video – 

With Mobile2CRM, employees can now provide customers and prospects with a business Cellular number, without exposing their private number, and without carrying two handsets!

  • Never miss a call
  • Automatically record business-only calls
  • Increase productivity and service quality
  • Minimize disputes

In This Video Clip:

In a nutshell, the trick is adding a separate business phone number on employees’ cellphones, without the hassle of an additional SIM-card, or relying on Wi-Fi or data links!  Even better – this is a cellular network-grade solution – NOT a VoIP app!

It’s connected to the relevant organizational systems such as CRM, Analytics, Recording, etc., and most importantly, it complies with regulations, and strictly protects employee privacy!

Need an example? Here’s how we can upgrade a sales agent performance by fixing the broken sales cycle:  Instead of carrying two cell phones, the company can provide reps with a separate, company-owned business line on their private handsets.  Agents are thus free to give this number to prospects and customers, and never losing track of calls, as business calls are logged, and can also be recorded, or transcribed:

  • Increases closure rates
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Create closer relationships with buyers and prospects

Here’s another example, applicable to any business that provides consumer services:  In this case, a property manager gives a business number to tenants. Calls can be recorded and transcribed, leading to reduced disputes, improved services and reputation, and operational savings.

The secret sauce is:

  • Being operator-agnostic
  • Using our advanced technology utilizing the cellular voice channel – resulting in superior sound quality far beyond what’s achievable with VoIP
  • Multiple profiles – all active simultaneously, but with a different behavior

As far as we know, we’re the only company that can capture native cellular voice and text, integrate them with other business systems and recording them, and still comply with privacy and other business regulations.

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