Mobile2Teams - Blind Spots to Insights

Ever wondered how much more you can accomplish with Microsoft Teams?  

Video calls, conferencing chats, and basic telephony capabilities are just the beginning! But here’s the problem: in a world where over 60% of business communications has gone Cellular, many businesses and companies, require unified, and much more sophisticated communications and collaboration capabilities. This is where Mobile to Teams comes in! 

Mobile to Teams turns Microsoft Teams into the Unified business communication platform organizations seek, and also, eliminates the many blind spots created by cell phone use for work!

We even enable businesses to finally retire their PBX systems and desk phones, in favor of Microsoft Teams and Mobile to Teams infrastructure! We integrate employees Cellular voice calls, text, and WhatsApp with Microsoft Teams, adding:

  • CRM integration
  • Call recording
  • Transcription
  • Analytics and other systems

In This Video Clip:

All without invading the user privacy. We turn Microsoft Teams into the MAIN communication platform of the organization – And slay the blind spot monster! What’s more, deployment takes days and not weeks, and Employees love it, as it provides automatic documentation and references, convenience and time savings. We turn Microsoft Teams communications blind spots into meaningful insights, with powerful analytics, allowing users and managers to save significant time, be much more productive, and excel in their jobs! Other important benefits that come with Mobile-to-Teams include:

  • Transcription of Microsoft Teams telephony voice calls straight into the CRM
  • Click-to-call from within the CRM misunderstandings
  • Cellular calling with Teams numbers
  • Multiple numbers per user in over 88 countries Accommodating for working hours and hybrid working modalities


Mobile-to-Teams with Microsoft Teams:  the comprehensive communications and collaboration platform for growth, productivity, and streamlined operations. Contact us today to start your free trial!

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