Leveraging your CRM to the fullest

While a lot of businesses have had CRMs for a while now, there are always new businesses that could benefit from a CRM system. Also, CRMs are always changing and evolving, so even businesses that have had them for a while could learn about some new features or benefits that they didn’t know about before. […]

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson

Hiring the wrong person for a sales position can be costly for a business. Not only do you have to spend time and money training the new hire, but you also lose out on potential revenue that could have been generated by a more qualified individual. This could potentially amount to a serious impact on […]

Data – How do we utilize it in our CRM?

Staying ahead of the competition means that businesses must continuously find new and innovative ways to improve their customer relationships and increase their customer base and market penetration. One way to do this is by using big data tools within your CRM system. This article explores the relevance of big data and data science to […]