Data – How do we utilize it in our CRM?

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Staying ahead of the competition means that businesses must continuously find new and innovative ways to improve their customer relationships and increase their customer base and market penetration. One way to do this is by using big data tools within your CRM system. This article explores the relevance of big data and data science to […]

A Guide to Integrating Microsoft Teams and Cellular Phones

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of various communication platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack. The need for a complete workspace offering that has chat, videoconferencing, application integration, and storage features to seamlessly transition into the new work-from-home normal allowed companies to experiment with different platforms. Among the most preferred business communication platforms was […]

Going into Crisis Mode – Your Workforce and the New Normal

While we are facing the 2nd wave of COVID-19 (or a spiking first – depending on the expert you listen to), enterprises need to go into crisis mode quickly and efficiently. In addition to adapting their business models, looking for additional revenue streams, or alternative supply chains, many companies are now deciding to let almost […]