Insurance Brokerage, Digital Transformation and Cell Phones – the Winning Combination for 2023

Increasing competition from online insurance providers and direct-to-consumer sales is one of the biggest challenges facing insurance agencies and brokers in the US for quite some time now. With the rise of digital transformation and the increasing ease of accessing information online, many consumers are turning to online insurance providers to purchase insurance policies rather […]

Incoming ! WhatsApp Regulation

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Whatsapp has taken the world by storm, with over 1.5 billion active users it has managed to revolutionize instant messaging for many. This accessibility of communication is changing the way people communicate, the speed at which people respond to one another, and consecutively the demands from the service providers that cater to this new generation. […]

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson

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Hiring the wrong person for a sales position can be costly for a business. Not only do you have to spend time and money training the new hire, but you also lose out on potential revenue that could have been generated by a more qualified individual. This could potentially amount to a serious impact on […]

Call Recording – Partial Compliance is Really Non-Compliance

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Some events have such a dramatic impact on the world that we can split our history into “before” and “after” that event. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such historical event. While it’s certainly true that remote working was on the rise pre-pandemic, the pandemic accelerated remote working to unprecedented levels. Supported by advancements in mobile […]

Why Should You Record Mobile Sales Calls

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It should come as no surprise that mobile devices are playing an increasingly prominent role in modern workplaces, and with good reason. Cell phones offer numerous benefits to organizations in the digital age. For example, they allow employees to remain in contact with the office, customers, and vendors while on the go. They also promote […]

Field Services: Establishing New Standards for Sustainable Excellence

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In a nutshell, field services are maintenance, installation, and repairs performed by professionals in the field or workplaces and at clients’ facilities and homes. This kind of activity encompasses multiple sectors like IT, transportation, infrastructure, utilities and other businesses. With digitalization in full swing, sustainable excellence is no longer an option. Let’s examine how it […]

Achieving Conversion Intelligence (CI): Empowering Sales Teams and Boosting Growth

Conversion Intelligence (CI) is trending upward. CI involves the ongoing harvesting, analysis, and conversion of market data into intelligence to enhance decision-making, boost business core competencies, and elevate sales performance metrics. It also helps improve sales-related procedures like training and onboarding, while allowing executives to use the insights to boost productivity and cross-department collaboration. But […]

Gamechanger: Cellular Business Profiles Enhance Insurance Sales

Gamechanger: Cellular Business Profiles Enhance Insurance Sales

Insurance firms are facing a multitude of sales and retention roadblocks as mobile phone calls and texts become an integral part of the pipeline. Unrecorded or undocumented mobile calls, lack of call-record integration with CRM tools, technical issues with globalization trends, and compliance risks are just a few of the pain points. But what if […]

Work-life balance comes at a price. That’s why we need smart work-life integration

For decades, employees have been struggling to balance their work and private lives. Factors that contributed to a bad work-life balance were more responsibilities at work and / or at home, longer work hours, and having children, to name a few. Having a good work-life balance results in less stress, lower burnout rates, and an […]