Field Services: Establishing New Standards for Sustainable Excellence

In a nutshell, field services are maintenance, installation, and repairs performed by professionals in the field or workplaces and at clients’ facilities and homes. This kind of activity encompasses multiple sectors like IT, transportation, infrastructure, utilities and other businesses. With digitalization in full swing, sustainable excellence is no longer an option. Let’s examine how it […]

Achieving Conversion Intelligence (CI): Empowering Sales Teams and Boosting Growth

Conversion Intelligence (CI) is trending upward. CI involves the ongoing harvesting, analysis, and conversion of market data into intelligence to enhance decision-making, boost business core competencies, and elevate sales performance metrics. It also helps improve sales-related procedures like training and onboarding, while allowing executives to use the insights to boost productivity and cross-department collaboration. But […]

Gamechanger: Cellular Business Profiles Enhance Insurance Sales

Gamechanger: Cellular Business Profiles Enhance Insurance Sales

Insurance firms are facing a multitude of sales and retention roadblocks as mobile phone calls and texts become an integral part of the pipeline. Unrecorded or undocumented mobile calls, lack of call-record integration with CRM tools, technical issues with globalization trends, and compliance risks are just a few of the pain points. But what if […]

Work-life balance comes at a price. That’s why we need smart work-life integration

For decades, employees have been struggling to balance their work and private lives. Factors that contributed to a bad work-life balance were more responsibilities at work and / or at home, longer work hours, and having children, to name a few. Having a good work-life balance results in less stress, lower burnout rates, and an […]

Want to keep your sales up? Make every sales call count!

Picture this: your sales figures are lower than they should be, the measures you take to increase numbers are not working – and you have no idea why. To make this even more painful, this has been going on for quite some time now. Strange, because your salespeople are good; you made sure that they […]

Are you really making the best-informed decisions? Or….. (Part 1 of 2)

As any director, VP, and C-suite manager can tell you – making informed decisions is crucial for the company, but it is also easier said than done. It all stands and falls by having relevant data available that can provide a 360˚ view to get the whole picture. As any manager can tell you, making […]

What do you really remember after your last customer call?

Hermann Ebbinghaus and other leading memory researchers measured the decrease in the ability of the brain to retain memory over time. He documented the results in what’s today known as the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.The shocking fact is that you can witness a 50% decrease in retention within 20 minutes, or 70% loss within 24 hours. […]