Achieving Conversion Intelligence (CI): Empowering Sales Teams and Boosting Growth

Conversion Intelligence (CI) is trending upward. CI involves the ongoing harvesting, analysis, and conversion of market data into intelligence to enhance decision-making, boost business core competencies, and elevate sales performance metrics. It also helps improve sales-related procedures like training and onboarding, while allowing executives to use the insights to boost productivity and cross-department collaboration. But how can you gain CI? This transformation doesn’t happen overnight and you’ll need the right technology to supplement it. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Firstly, Conversion Intelligence (CI) is not to be confused with Business Intelligence (BI), which involves the breaking down of internal data for making better business decisions. BI is definitely a helpful thing to have, but only CI can help you “digest” data related to competitors, consumer trends, and other relevant external factors to elevate performance metrics, especially in sales.

This article will touch on the benefits of CI and show you how it can be achieved with next-gen mobile recording tech that integrates seamlessly with your CRM.

Top-5 Benefits of Conversion Intelligence (CI)

Conversion Intelligence is all about being proactive with decision making and boosting visibility into sales cycles for elevated performance. Here are just a few advantages of taking the leap and injecting “intelligence” into your daily sales activities like being on phone calls, training new employees, and most importantly allowing sales executives to make better decisions.

  1. Empowerment – Sales teams have difficult jobs because they are essentially “firing in the dark”. They don’t have too much information about market trends and consumer tendencies. But Conversion Intelligence allows you to train them better to help them understand their job perfectly. They feel empowered, which is the key to success.
  2. Higher Win Rates – Not only are you getting access to actionable insights that your competitors probably don’t have, but you are also translating that into closed deals. Collecting and interpreting exclusive market data is what is making more and more companies turn to Conversion Intelligence. A real game changer that allows better closure rates.
  3. Shorter Sales Cycles – One of the biggest pain points in the modern sales setups is the elongation of sales cycles. More often than not, potential customers lose interest because of the number of touchpoints needed before closing deals. CI eliminates this pain point by exploring data and boosting deal momentum, while shortening the sales cycle significantly.
  4. Cross-Department Collaboration – The data that is collected and analyzed doesn’t just serve sales teams. Executives can take advantage of it as well. For example, the CEO can access detailed reports about sales activities and customer preferences to keep his CTO and Product Managers in the loop. Everybody is on the same page.
  5. Become a Market Leader – Everything starts adding up. Faster time to market, shorter sales cycles, and high customer satisfaction allow you to spike up your brand performance, with retention rates going up constantly. Sustainable business growth becomes a reality, especially when you are getting your hands on valuable competitions’ behavior.

All in all, Conversion Intelligence (CI) is becoming a no-brainer, regardless of the sector you are operating in. But how do you actually get started with it?

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Mobile2CRM – The Missing Conversion Intelligence Link

Now that we have established the importance of Conversion Intelligence (CI), we need to touch on the missing link – the lack of sales mobile recording data.

Not having the ability to collect sales data can dent your Conversion Intelligence (CI) activity effectiveness. This is where most organizations are facing roadblocks today. Collecting information from sales calls, not to mention logging and recording it on an ongoing basis, are elementary basics you will need to cover to have a proper Conversion Intelligence ecosystem in place.

Unfortunately, traditional and manual techniques in sales departments are siloed, making it virtually impossible to achieve sustainable Conversion Intelligence (CI) and enjoy it’s benefits. Another major issue is that mobile phone communications are not being recorded automatically, nor are they being integrated seamlessly into CRM platforms. A real pain point.

But what if you could have an automated operator-agnostic solution that allows you to capture all relevant business information and integrate it with your CRM platform to work in tandem with your Conversion Intelligence tool? There is good news. Mobile2CRM allows you to achieve just that. But implementing this next-gen tech, you can set up your infrastructure before making the jump.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the Mobile2CRM technology:

  • Unlimited Availability – With the Mobile2CRM’s next-gen proprietary software, all business/sales calls are recorded automatically to your CRM system via a dedicated business profile and number, which is available 24/7. No more missed calls or broken sales cycles. This profile and number is completely operator-agnostic and creates zero bottlenecks.
  • Fully Compliant – This advanced solution doesn’t allow the mixing of personal and business calls, as the business profile is completely isolated and segregated on the sales agent’s device with its own dialler and application. This helps safeguard personal information with no data leakages. A crucial compliance requirement (Think GDPR and CCPA).
  • Customer Satisfaction – Achieving the aforementioned goals eventually accelerates your win rate with proper sales empowerment. Your customers feel like they are not neglected, while getting answers to their questions and queries at all times – even after the deal has been closed. Take your brand performance to a whole new level.

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Conversion Intelligence Starts with Sales Empowerment

Getting a spanking new Conversion Intelligence solution is great, but it won’t be of much benefit if you are not harvesting the relevant sales data, nor will you be able to empower your sales agents to keep them productive at all times. In order to maximize your ROI, you will need a tool like Mobile2CRM to work in tandem with your CI solution to feed it with sales information and data.

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple sales teams working from multiple remote locations. Mobile2CRM will allow you to record mobile voice calls and SMS communications automatically and bake everything seamlessly into your sales pipelines. As a result, you see higher closure rates, fewer disputes, and little to no dependence on unreliable third-party VOiP solutions.

Furthermore, by doing so, you will be able to empower your sales teams. They will have more clarity about their responsibilities and your expectations from them, while also gaining more insights into their performance metrics on an ongoing basis. You will be able to train them better for elevated client service ratings and improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics.

Implementing Conversion Intelligence starts with streamlining your sales pipeline and automating mobile call recording. Get proactive now

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