How To Stop Losing Leads

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Generating leads can be expensive. Generating leads without effectively tracking and monitoring how they are handled and processed – is practically throwing money away… If sales representatives are not monitored and managed effectively, leads can quickly be lost. For example, a sales rep might promise to follow up with a potential customer, but then forget […]

The Top Three Company Phone Systems in 2022

Mobile Phone Call Recording

The Top Three Company Phone Systems in 2022 – Quick Recap There are many operational essentials when it comes to effectively running a business and communicating with customers or clients, as well as with partners. Not only do businesses now need to ensure that communication is efficient and easily tracked (including cellular communication of course), […]

Employee Privacy

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Do you still have an extra business Cell phone in 2022? As businesses moves away from landlines and embrace cell phones, the way we conduct business communications is changing. A recent study found that about 60% of business calls are made using cell phones. This number is only going to continue to grow in the […]

Top CRM Integration

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CRM Integration Insights If you’re like most business owners, you rely on a CRM to manage your customer relationships. But did you know that there are many powerful CRM add-ons available that can help you do more with your data? In this blog post, we will take a look at the top CRM integrations and […]

Business Communication Channels

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In order to keep track of your customers and employees, you need to be able to track, log and analyze a variety of communication channels. Each channel has its own set of pros and cons, and you must be aware of them all so you can make the best decision for your business. Do you […]

How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling (Samsung and iPhone Devices)

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While Wi-Fi calling has many benefits for businesses and individuals across the globe, it also has some limitations. Wi-Fi calling can reduce business costs and extend the battery life of devices. However, it can sometimes be unreliable and the quality of your call can suffer as a result. Read on to find out the advantages […]

Call Recording Regulation – How It Works at State Level

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So you want to learn about call recording? We’re going to explain what the differing state laws mean for gathering consent to record calls and how you can ensure your business is both compliant and efficient in gathering and storing the correct information. What is Call Recording? Capturing a voice conversation over a phone or […]

Leveraging your CRM to the fullest

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While a lot of businesses have had CRMs for a while now, there are always new businesses that could benefit from a CRM system. Also, CRMs are always changing and evolving, so even businesses that have had them for a while could learn about some new features or benefits that they didn’t know about before. […]

CRM is Not the Enemy – This is How to Boost CRM Adoption by Salespeople

How to boost CRM adoption by Salespeople

When you talk to sales reps about CRM, you will often hear: “Yeah, it’s great for management, but I don’t see how it can benefit me.” Some will even go further and point out that recording everything related to their job in the CRM system is time-consuming and comes at the expense of valuable prospecting time. Coming […]